Brave new Genre debuts "The Fifth Plane" An exciting Paranormal Thriller

Brave New Genre debuts an exciting new Paranormal Thriller from author Bull Marquette.

"The Fifth Plane"

On 9/11, five planes -- not four -- were hijacked. THE FIFTH PLANE is the story of Daniel Clooney, the FBI agent who must protect the hero of this fictional fifth plane. When terrorists -- in spite of all precautions -- strike deep inside America and kidnap the hero, Clooney's mission becomes one of rescue. THE FIFTH PLANE is a paranormal thriller that pits an ephemeral, radical terrorist kingpin -- who uses his psychic talents to capitalize on his victims' weaknesses -- against Frank Whitlock, the man who used his own psychic abilities to foresee the hijacking of the fifth plane that fateful day, and was therefore able to save it. FBI agent Clooney, on the other hand, must employ street smarts and logic to save America's greatest hero. In the process, he catches a glimpse of the secret, paranormal war being waged behind the scenes, a much different war than the one we see on TV.

Available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

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