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The Water Company 

By Bull Marquette

Haunted marionettes from another century usher in the digital age! Apprentice chef, Keith Clayton finds himself supervising the merging of two worlds in this gripping thriller. A sleepy Texas town on the Brazos River becomes a supernatural battle ground when he discovers that his very reality is not what he always supposed.

A Count's Caress

By Gabriela Lawson

“…His lips slanted with firm pressure over hers and she melted against him, the surprise at the suddenness of his kiss quickly dissipating to be replaced by the molten heat surging through her. 
The wondrousness of his strong arms about her, his hot lips on hers unfurled like a blossom deep inside her, thrumming through her body and releasing itself as a moan against Rémi’s mouth, which was moving masterfully over her own…” 

English debutante, Laureene Douglas, accompanies her father to France with a youthful spirit of adventure despite the threat of looming war. When their travel plans take a turn for the worse, Laureene finds herself the unexpected houseguest of the darkly handsome French count, Rémi Laroche. 

Searing passion blooms between young Laureene and her alluring rescuer. But Rémi harbours painful secrets that keep him guarded and restrained even while his kisses enflame Laureene with smoldering desire. 

Can love overcome the scars of the past and the dissension between their countries that makes them reluctant enemies? Or will Laureene be forced to let love go and only ever know the memory of A Count’s Caress?

The Fifth Plane

By Bull Marquette

On 9/11, five planes -- not four -- were hijacked. THE FIFTH PLANE is the story of Daniel Clooney, the FBI agent who must protect the hero of this fictional fifth plane. When terrorists -- in spite of all precautions -- strike deep inside America and kidnap the hero, Clooney's mission becomes one of rescue. 

THE FIFTH PLANE is a paranormal thriller that pits an ephemeral, radical terrorist kingpin -- who uses his psychic talents to capitalize on his victims' weaknesses -- against Frank Whitlock, the man who used his own psychic abilities to foresee the hijacking of the fifth plane that fateful day, and was therefore able to save it. FBI agent Clooney, on the other hand, must employ street smarts and logic to save America's greatest hero. In the process, he catches a glimpse of the secret, paranormal war being waged behind the scenes, a much different war than the one we see on TV.

Somewhere West of Texas

By Robert R. Brown

Acclaimed cowboy poet Robert R. Brown makes his debut as a novelist with this intense Western tale and love story, Somewhere West of Texas.

When Johnny Bright comes home from the Civil War to find that his family has been murdered, he is not the kind to let it go. Following a cold trail west, Johnny encounters the desolate horizons of the Old West, tough frontiersmen, Apache warriors and the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. But can he survive the truths he is about to uncover...

Can't Judge a Boot

By Susan Vasquez

Grace Callado is back ... El Paso's most audacious private eye investigates the murder of a teenager that, at first glance, looks as common as the desert sunrise. A typical drug- or gang-related execution? A letter pinned to the victim's clothes may be a meaningless diatribe -- but Grace has a hunch. The investigation seems to have as little chance as a snowflake in a Texas summer, but when both Grace's brother-in-law and a co-worker warn her not to pursue her leads, her feminine intuition and a career in police work take over. More puzzle pieces appear when Martin, a light-hearted neighbor, appears grief-stricken at the boy's funeral, and when a mystic friend, Sofia, sees danger in Grace's tea leaves. Will the people Grace considers to be her El Paso "family" be at risk if she solves this terrible crime?


By Sol Smith

When Derek first walks into the shop where Tydomin White works, he steps into a chain of events that will challenge and change both their lives. Tydomin already knows him, though they have never met. She has very special powers - and soon she will have to chose between her power, and her freedom. Sol Smith's novel, Sight, is an extraordinary novel of the paranormal, about the distance that sometimes exists between us, and how courage and love can close that gap. Sol has written a convincing, fast-paced young adult novel of the paranormal. A great read, a real page-turner!

A Pirate's Promise

By Gabriela Lawson

Elizabeth Cameron is horrified to learn that the gorgeous, but infuriating man that she lied to and insulted at her very first society ball is none other than the heir to the Downling Dukedom, Lord Anton Eddington. She is terrified that his lordship might positively ruin her reputation by exposing her poor behaviour. But when she learns that he has a secret of his own, she throws caution to the wind and sneaks aboard his ship in the middle of the night, intent on using that knowledge to seal his lips … 

Anton's secret -- that he is a gentleman pirate -- takes on new meaning when he sails for Barbados, to escape his father’s heavy hand, and realizes he has a stowaway on board. By the time Elizabeth’s presence is discovered, it is too late to turn back. As they are thrown together for weeks at sea, their stormy passions will grow, perhaps into something more…

The Farther I Ride

By Robert R. Brown

Acclaimed storyteller Robert R. Brown presents his second collection of Cowboy Poetry in THE FARTHER I RIDE. Bob is back with more shoot-em-up showdowns, hilarious circumstances, romantic moments and still-lifes of the Old West, told in his patented rhymes that conjure short stories that will touch your heart. Following the same format of his celebrated first Cowboy Poetry collection, WHO GETS TO RIDE, this second effort begins with tough hombres, their guns, and the lightning confrontations that made legends of brave men and women during America's great Western Expansion. Next comes the spiritual, the supernatural, events on the trail that some of the West's bravest shudder to reveal. THE FARTHER I RIDE's third grouping of poems paints the west in Brown's characteristic "inner brush strokes" that illuminate the people, animals, and horizons that cowboys never took for granted. Then there is romance, graced by Brown's beautiful, yet characteristically strong women -- the only kind that truly survived in this harsh new world. THE FARTHER I RIDE finishes with humor, starring the yokels and cowboy wannabees that peopled the Old West, and perhaps still survive to this day. Family friendly, wise and whimsical, the poems in THE FARTHER I RIDE will beckon you to read them again and again, and each time you will come away with a smile on your face, and a satisfying taste for a classic American time that is gone but, likely, will never be forgotten.

If the Boots Fit

By Susan Vasquez

Private investigator Grace Callado hasn't been on the job long. She ends years of detective work with the El Paso police department to follow her old boss into a private investigation firm. Her first assignment lands her in the middle of a stubborn murder mystery that calls on all of her experience. But there's a twist to this murder: the major evidence left at the scene is a unique boot print --one that Grace knows could only belong to Carlos, a handsome Juarez entrepreneur who turned her head in a nightclub only weeks before. In IF THE BOOTS FIT, we follow Grace as she juggles elusive clues, know-it-all colleagues, a love interest that won't go away and her own penchant for doing things "her way" -- all in the quest for the truth.

Got 8 If You Want 'Em

By Bull Marquette

Bull Marquette's first anthology of short stories -- some of which were made famous on public radio's celebrated Valley Writers Read program. Outrageous tales of Love Lost, Love Found, Demons under Houses, Seekers in the Sky, Seductive Queens & Schmucks on the Lam in a frustrating Universe.

Who Gets to Ride

By Robert R. Brown

Tales of the America's Old (and New) West ala Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour are resurrected in pithy, lyrical poems by Cowboy Poet extraordinaire Robert R. Brown in Who Gets to Ride. Brown's characters range from hard-nosed town marshal Pete Smith to practical and beautiful pioneer women, hapless yokels, hardscrabble cowboys and sylph-like Comanche warriors who make their turn on the stage of America's vast western spaces. 
Gunfights, brawls, whiskey, horses, grit and love color these dramatic, poignant and whimsical poems that call us back to the spirited, strong folk that shaped -- and continue to shape -- the American West.

Travels with Charlie 

By Sol Smith

A young couple sets out to discover the country in the pre-dawn of GPS navigation and instead discovers each other. In Travels with Charlie, William and Charlotte Stronghold quit their jobs and sell their belongings in order to set sail and find a new home somewhere between their native California and the green mountains of Vermont. Along the way, they fall in love and into hate with the popular culture that binds Americans together. The lines are blurred between shady roadside attractions and heralded national monuments, between the natural wonders of the country and the loud and annoying tourists who populate them, between the concepts of place and self. 

A head-on collision, a single burrito nearly a yard long, dead presidents, something that is probably a bear, and a Canadian sex club provide the backdrop for this story that is part romance story, part tall-tale, and part coming of age memoir. At times sweet and heartbreaking, almost always bitingly funny, Travels with Charlie is an American story about life on the road, in the tradition of Huck Finn, On the Road, and Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley.


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